World cultural heritage – Thang Long Royal Citadel

The site is located on the western side of the Thăng Long Citadel belonging to the Lý, Trần, Early Lê, Mạc, and Restored Lê Dynasties from the 11th – 18th centuries. This site also belonged to the Royal Đại La Citadel in the 7th–9th centuries and the Royal Hà Nội Citadel in the 19th century.

World cultural heritage - Thang Long Royal Citadel UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee recognises Vietnam’s Thang Long Royal Citadel as a world cultural heritage at its 34th session in Brazil on July 31, according to the Hanoi People’s Committee. The site won the recognition thanks to its three outstanding characteristics: the length of its cultural history, the continuity of the citadel as a power centre, and the variety of relics it contains.

World cultural heritage - Thang Long Royal Citadel
Relics found in the centre of the citadel show that it was influenced by many different cultures, theories, and systems of thought. Restoration of the Royal Citadel began in 2006 when it was officially recognised as a special national relic. The Hanoi People’s Committee said UNESCO’s recognition of the heritage is very significant for Vietnam , which is currently making grand preparations for its capital’s millennial anniversary.

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