Hanoi Festival

The Dong Da Festival Hanoi Festival

The Dong Da Festival

Dong Da, situated in the southern part of Hanoi, is the place where, 200 years ago, Emperor Quang Trung {reigning 1788-1792) defeated the 200,000-strong Qing invading army. On the evening of the 4th and on the 5th of the first lunar month - that

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Co Loa Festival Hanoi Festival

Co Loa Festival

Cổ Loa Citadel is a citadel built near Phong Khe, about 20km to the North of today’s Hanoi, during the end of the Hồng Bàng Dynasty (about 257 BCE). Visiting Co Loa on the 6th of the 1st lunar month, you will have the opportunity to take

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