History of Hanoi through recordings

Participants joining the walk will start from the Hanoi Cathedral and stroll through the old streets of Hang Gai, Hang Vai, and Bat Dan for 60-90 minutes. With the aid of their smart phones and headphones they can choose which parts of the city to discover. As walkers move from one place to the next the sounds they hear will change.

History of Hanoi through recordingsRecordings include people in the past talking about places on the route, a radio broadcast evoking a bygone era, a creaking rickshaw, a train passing or the performance of long-forgotten music.

The event is part of the ongoing 2013 Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival, and Locative Audio project taking place in 11 cities around the world including Virginia (US), Avignon (France) and Oxford (UK).

Tri Minh, founder and coordinator of Sound Stuff Festival, said that all recordings and images of the walk will be sent to Barcelona, Spain, the centre of the Locative Audio project.

The sounds once familiar to Hanoians are expected to receive much attention from people, especially the youth, therefore boosting the preservation of cultural values, Minh added.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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