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Hanoi’s small corners in photos of Xuan Chinh Hanoi Blogs

Hanoi’s small corners in photos of Xuan Chinh

A photo exhibition entitled “Hanoi’s Small Corners” was held at Gallery 45 Trang Tien, Hanoi, introducing photos about a gentle and charming Hanoi. Xuan Chinh graduated from the Drama andMovieUniversity. He has worked as a professional photographer for five years and is a member of the Hanoi Photographers’ Association. Chinh has won many photography prizes [...] Read more >>
Hanoi named cheapest city brits Hanoi Blogs

Hanoi named cheapest city brits

TripAdvisor® is the world’s largest travel site*, in 17th June it unveiled TripIndexTM 2012 which is a cost comparison of an evening out for two people in key tourist cities around the world. The TripAdvisor TripIndex is tracked against the British pound and is based on the combined costs for two of one night in [...] Read more >>
Just back Hanoi Hanoi Blogs

Just back Hanoi

Among the writing competition of Telegraph about traveling, the winner of a week is Catherine Smith for her account of a nerve-racking encounter with the traffic of Hanoi in Vietnam. The Green Cross Code Man never told me about this. Terrified, I step off the kerb and start to move slowly but deliberately to the [...] Read more >>
I Love Hanoi Food Hanoi Blogs

I Love Hanoi Food

The Vietnamese noodles have different colors (white, red, yellow), shape and thickness, depending on the types and regions.  For example, Phở gà (noodles and chicken), Phở bò (noodles and beef), Bún bò Huế (Huế city’s beef noodles), Mỳ Quảng (Quảng Nam province’s noodles) etc. We often eat noodle soup, rice porridge, sticky rice or bread [...] Read more >>
Hi Hanoi VietNam Hanoi Blogs

Hi Hanoi VietNam

Today, we find ourselves in a new city – and a new country. We spent much of yesterday travelling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then on to Hanoi by plane. As Martin says it was another “hurry up and wait” day. They rushed us off the plane at Bangkok to catch our flight to [...] Read more >>
Comeback Hanoi Hanoi Blogs

Comeback Hanoi

Back in Hanoi we picked up our airline tickets for DaNang, had breakfast on the Hoan Kiem Lake, and watched all the locals work out and do aerobics (they are really ‘fit’ here!). Later we got involved chasing after the ‘baguette police’ after somehow we were put in charge of watching a woman’s basket of [...] Read more >>
Hanoi-The good destination Hanoi Blogs

Hanoi-The good destination

The combination of an all night stint at KL airport and the number of warnings we heard about scams at Hanoi airport made us go for the easy option – an airport pick up from the Hanoi Guest House. As soon as we stepped off the plane you could feel we had landed somewhere very [...] Read more >>
Discover Hanoi by Stephen.j.booth Hanoi Blogs

Discover Hanoi by Stephen.j.booth

Touchdown Asia; the second phase of T.I.A. We’re met off the plane by a friendly guy with a placard bearing my name, so far so good. The drive to Hanoi winds along the busy roads surrounded by rice fields, the workers all wearing conical hats, just like you see in the pictures. As you arrive [...] Read more >>
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