Foreigners enjoy Hanoi pho

Many foreign visitors to Vietnam find pho more enjoyable in Hanoi than in other places, and are happy to queue up at traditional pho stalls.

Foreigners enjoy Hanoi pho Sue Slatter, a vocational teacher from the US, says she finally found out that Hanoi’s pho was wonderful for her. The dish is quite different in Hanoi from what she has had back home, she says.

It is delicious, the noodle is not as thick as in the US, and its flavour is wonderful, she said.

David Jackman, a chef from the US, has been quoted as saying Vietnamese pho is very delicious as a result of the selective use of spices.

He cannot understand why the beef is so soft and delicious. He also likes the atmosphere at the pho restaurants where people sit close to each other and eat.

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