Do not merge the Vietnam Drama Theatre and the Youth Theatre

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to not merge the Vietnam Drama Theatre and the Youth Theatre into the Vietnam National Drama Theatre.

Do not merge the Vietnam Drama Theatre and the Youth Theatre

A meeting between artists of the two theatres and the Ministry’s official was held on May 8. Most artists said that they were surprised of the merger. Many artists showed their worry and concern over the vague future of the Vietnam National Drama Theatre.

Various veteran artists and members of the directing board of the Youth Theatre, including People’s Artist Pham Thi Thanh and Meritorious Artist Duc Trung, expressed their willingness to keep the “trademark” of the Youth Theatre.

Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan said that the idea was good but the merging process was not carried out well, resulted in worries and concerns of artists.

“The two theatres will continue their normal working routines as usual before a more proper and open merging project is passed. Whether or not the new national drama theatre is formed by merging the two theatres surpasses our competence. I’m sure that all involved artists will be able to contribute opinions to the project of establishing a new national drama theatre. We will think twice before announcing the final decision,” said Mr. Tuan.

The Deputy Minister admitted that the ministry had not listened to the artists enough in considering the merge. He said a special team would be established to draft a more feasible project of establishing a national drama theatre with full awareness and participation of the involved artists.

“There are dozens of drama theatres in many capitals in the world,” they shared the same opinion, “This would encourage competition as well as abundant development in the styles of theatres. In HCM City alone, there are five drama theatres with regular shows,” the senior artist said.

Nearly one month ago, the ministry announced that it would establish a national drama theatre by merging the two theatres. If the merge happens, the new theatre will gather nearly 300 employees, including 100 artists from Vietnam Drama Theatre and 180 from the Youth Theatre. However, the project was not popular among involved artists, and stirred a great outcry.

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