Top 5 foods you should try when visiting Hanoi Cuisine

Top 5 foods you should try when visiting Hanoi

A list of most popular local foods that should not be missed in Hanoi , take a look and find out what are they. Hanoi Cooking tour with iGrandtour to try foods 1. Xôi xéo: Chances are you will encounter this dish in almost every outdoors market. There are even two restaurants dedicated fully to this [...] Read more >>
Banh Cuon Ha Noi Cuisine

Banh Cuon Ha Noi

Banh Cuon (Vietnamese: Bánh Cuốn) is among Hanoi´s most popular food, which is mainly served for breakfast . Banh Cuon is probably one of those strongly influenced by French cuisine. It is a thin crepe-like rice savory pastry, with some meat and mushroom wrapped inside. The process of making banh cuon resembles that of making crepes. [...] Read more >>
Lotus Tea Cuisine

Lotus Tea

Hanoians consider enjoying tea is a very frugal pure and noble pleasure. Brewing tea process, therefore, is also very complicated… According to ancient mixing process, high-quality brown tea was preferred, including Tuyet San tea which is naturally grown up in mountainous areas in Ha Giang province. Tender buds was selected, cleaned and steamed. After air [...] Read more >>
Banh Troi Banh Chay Cuisine

Banh Troi Banh Chay

The Vietnamese often make two kinds of cakes: banh troi (floating cake) and banh chay (lean cake) on the third day of the third month of the Lunar year. This is known as the “Cold Food Festival”. In Vietnam, most people may have forgotten its origins but it’s still considered an important occasion for ancestral [...] Read more >>
Banh Com Hanoi Cuisine

“Banh Com” Hanoi

You can’t talk about Hanoi’s  Old Quarter without talking about Hang Than street. This is a small street but have more than 30 green rice flake cake shops. Hang Than is just among more than 20 culinary streets in Hanoi which has about 70 streets with their first name of Hang. This 300 metre long [...] Read more >>
La vong grilled fish Cuisine

La vong grilled fish

From a family food, Cha Ca (grilled minced fish) became a speciality of Hanoian people. Located in Cha Ca street, Cha ca La Vong is the famous restaurant to many Hanoian as well as visitors from all over the world. Connoiseurs usually wait until it become cool to go to enjoy the taste of Cha [...] Read more >>
Shrimp pancake of West Lake Cuisine

Shrimp pancake of West Lake

Because life has changed and bánh tôm (shrimp fried pancake) is available almost everywhere in the country but the shrimp fried pancake of West Lake still keeps its traditional flavour and taste so that whoever wanting to enjoy is surprised at the hot, cracker cake dipped in salty, sweet, sour and spicy sauce. It is [...] Read more >>
Com In Vong Village Cuisine

Com In Vong Village

Autumn in Hanoi is so beautiful, this is the time when leaves turn red and gold and with little yellow sunshine, flows tenderly with the wind. More wonderful, HaNoi autumn has special gift from natural – Cốm (Green Rice). Cốm  is made from young glutinous rice, when the rice begins to ripen and still contains [...] Read more >>
Phở HaNoi Cuisine

Phở HaNoi

You can’t talk about HaNoi without talking about the special food of HaNoi. It is “Phở ” (Noodle Soup). There are a lot of specialities in Hanoi but the most favorite dish is a simple broth of rice noodle called Pho. It is a dish that defines Hanoi special foods. Simply because Pho in Hanoi [...] Read more >>
Sau Da HaNoi Summer Taste Cuisine

“Sau Da” HaNoi Summer Taste

Sau (dracontomelum) is a specific fruit of HaNoi. Sau fruit is ready to be made into tasty dishes for Hanoians when summer comes. Sau fruit can be made into a variety of offerings, from salted, sugared dry sau, sau jelly, sau jam, sugar pickled sau or sau water. Sugar pickled sau is a nice, refreshing [...] Read more >>
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