Ba Ngo Temple

Less than 5km from the Ba Danh Pagoda is Ngoc Ho Temple that is known as Ba Ngo (Mrs. Ngo) Temple. Located on Nguyen Khuyen, few know that this ancient temple is nearly 900 years old. Visitors will see the beautiful and unique religious architecture when they come to the temple.

Ba Ngo TempleThe first impression is the three-door gate with a 2-story bell tower and 8 curved roofs. A bell is placed upstairs. Stepping through the gate, visitors will arrive in the precinct with green trees around the place. Behind it are the hall and the harem.

Not only having beautiful architecture, Ba Ngo temple also preserves many epitaphs, parallel sentences and a very large volume of artifacts. Recognized as a historical-cultural monument in 1993, Ba Ngo Temple is a spiritual tourism site in Hanoi.

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