Ba Nanh Temple

Also located on Nguyen Khuyen Road, visitors will walk about a hundred meters to the Ba Nanh (Mrs. Nanh) or Tien Phuc temple. There are many legends surrounding the origin of the name of the temple. But the story of an unnamed elderly woman selling tea and soy milk to pupils of Quoc Tu Giam School is more popular. This woman spent all of the life-saving money to build a temple and after she died, the temple was named Ba Nanh.

Ba Nanh TempleLike Ba Danh and Ba Ngo, Ba Nanh Temple covers a narrow area but it retains the familiar structure of the ancient temples in the north.

Behind the three-door gates are the altars of Ba Nanh and Buddas. The most notable is the statue of Ba Nanh with a kindly face. Her altar is placed on a rectangular blue black flagstone.

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