Ba Danh Pagoda

Within a radius of about 5km, the four “Mrs.” temples in Hanoi will give you a fascinating trip. Ba Danh pagodaLocated deep in alley 199 on Thuy Khue Road, the Chau Lam Pagoda today is also known as Ba Danh (Mrs. Danh). The pagoda was named after a woman who built it. The stone stele “Ba Danh Pagoda) is still preserved here.

Ba Danh PagodaAs one of the famous temples of Hanoi, when you come to the Ba Danh pagoda, you will be surprised by its deserted landscape. Not only on weekdays but also full moon days, the pagoda is always more quiet than other temples in Hanoi. It reminds people of the allegory “as quiet as Ba Danh pagoda.”

Some people believe that the allegory was created because in the past, this pagoda was built for the Cham people. After they moved to other areas, this pagoda became quiet and deserted. However, today the quiet space of Ba Danh pagoda brings relaxation for visitors.


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