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Hanoi Map About Hanoi

Hanoi Map

Hanoi means “the hinterland between the rivers” (Ha: river, Noi: interior). Hanoi’s territory is washed by the Red River (the portion of the Red River embracing Hanoi is approximately 40km long) and its tributaries, but there are some other rivers flowing through the capital, including Duong, Cau, Ca Lo, Day, Nhue, Tich, To Lich and [...] Read more >>
Hanoi Climate and Weather About Hanoi

Hanoi Climate and Weather

Hanoi’s climate is quite typical for the northern climate type characterized as tropical monsoon, with hot summers, heavy rain and cold winter, dry. Hanoi is situated in a tropical monsoon zone with two main seasons. During the dry season, which lasts from October to April, it is cold and there is very little rainfall, except [...] Read more >>
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